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We only use high quality 18mm tongue and groove chipboard flooring, it is moisture resistant, reliable and due to its tongue and groove fixing ensures maximum strength. If the insulation is above the existing joists then raised boarding is required and additional timbers need to be fitted, to ensure the fibre glass insulation is not compressed. When compressed the fibre glass insulation efficiency is reduced a considerable amount. Once the new timbers are installed, the loft boards are fixed to the new timbers.

  • Loft boarding onto ceiling joists from £25 per square meter inc VAT. If additional insulation is required or already installed Raised boarding will be required and quoted for accordingly.

All of our electrical work is done by a professional qualified electrician, we supply 5ft fluorescent tube lights and single bulbs as standard, in the case of a loft room multiple down lights can be installed. If you wish to have sockets and power supplied into your loft the price will be subject to the number of sockets required.

  • Loft lighting: £150
Loft Lighting

Our timber ladders are all fixed prices, come with a guarantee and are only fitted by professionals. We use Fakro delux timber loft ladders which provide a high efficiency rating due to their insulated trap doors, they are spring loaded and counter balanced making the operation weightless, simple and most importantly very safe. If a particular size is required the option to have a timber ladder tailor made to your situation can be arranged.

  • Timber loft ladders from £475 inc VAT

All our aluminium loft ladders are fixed prices, come with a guarantee and are fitted by professionals. We instal youngmans loft ladders for their excellent quality, safety and reliability.

  • Aluminium loft ladders from £139 inc VAT
Telescopic loft ladders from: £359 inc VAT
Concertina loft ladder from £265 inc VAT
Youngmans Grand Delux Loft Ladder £495 inc VAT
New trap door: £35 inc VAT With any loft ladder
£69 inc VAT Individual, without loft ladder
Plastic loft Hatch £149 inc VAT
Loft Installation

We supply and install two types of loft insulation, fibre glass and superquilt. Fibre glass is installed between the floor joists where as superquilt is installed onto the rafters. With its reflective qualities and high efficiency ratings superquilt insulation is a multiple layered foil insulation the keeps your home warmer in the winter months and cooler in the summer months.

  • Fibre glass insulation from £6.85 inc VAT per square meter
  • Superquilt insulation £20 inc VAT per square meter

Adding natural light gives an instant impact to your loft, the velux windows we install come in either white polyurethane or a pine finish . They are easy to both operate and maintain cleanliness with their 180 degrees range of rotation.

  • Roof windows from: £499 inc VAT
Roof Windows

This membrane is installed to the roof rafters to prevent dust settling in your loft and on your belongings, as it is breathable it does not cause any condensation issues and still allows air to ventilate through your loft space.

  • Prices subject to survey.
Clean loft rooms from £4999 inc VAT
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